Do You Need Vaccines to Go on a Cruise?

Cruise lines have different policies when it comes to vaccinations. American Cruise Lines does not have a general requirement for all passengers on all trips, but certain itineraries in specific regions or for specific periods of time may require them. Unvaccinated children under five years old can sail without needing an exemption from Carnival. For those over five, an exemption must be applied for.

As more cruise companies open their doors to unvaccinated children, questions remain about each cruise line's policy. Face masks are optional on American Cruise Lines, but mandatory on Pearl Seas Cruises in indoor public spaces, unless you're sitting and actively eating or drinking. As the threat of COVID-19 begins to subside, there is a chance that cruise lines will relax health protocols, including the possibility of unvaccinated people traveling on a cruise ship. Passengers who test positive when boarding and their traveling companions in the same cabin, along with other close contacts, will not be able to travel by cruise ship and will be granted a cruise credit in the future.

All passengers over the age of 12 must be fully vaccinated to be able to sail with MSC Cruises upon boarding. Guests under 12 years of age traveling from Athens should be tested for antigens at the pier and again at the end of the cruise.

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