Is it Worth it to Buy Last-Minute Cruises?

Booking a cruise at the right time is essential to getting the best deal. During the period from just after Christmas to February, known as “wave season”, cruise lines receive a big influx of bookings. It is important to note that while last-minute cruise fares may be cheaper, airlines may be swallowing the savings. To get the best price on your cruise, it is recommended to book with a travel agent rather than directly with the cruise line.

Cruises are a great way to get away from it all and relax. Most trips sell out in the weeks and months before the start of the cruise, leaving little or no opportunity to book closer to the departure date. If you don't mind paying a little more, you should consider cruising with Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises, Cunard, Marella and Carnival. Last-minute deals are usually on cruises to the Bahamas, the Caribbean and even the Mediterranean that last less than a week or on cruises that last more than 10 days.

Emma Cruises has an incredible online course called “How to Cruise for Less” which can help you save money when booking your cruise. The course will also teach you how to choose the best cruise line for your family, how to pack your bags like a professional and how to save money while you're on board. If you choose a cruise where children travel for free for a family of four, you'll save up to 50% of the total cruise price right away. Last-minute cruises are a good way to complement your vacation plans, rather than a main strategy.

It is important to read the small print and not expect peak travel times or peak travel experiences when booking last-minute cruises. If cruise lines always offered low last-minute fares, more people may hesitate to take advantage of early booking offers and other offers aimed at passengers who book several months in advance.

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