The Best Time to Cruise the Caribbean: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for the perfect time to take a Caribbean cruise? Whether you're looking for the best weather, the lowest prices, or the least crowded beaches, this comprehensive guide will help you find the best time to cruise the Caribbean. To avoid high season, the best time to take a Caribbean cruise is from November to early December. During these winter months and early spring, there is the least amount of precipitation and humidity. This is also the time of year that is not part of hurricane season.

The Caribbean is warm and sunny all year round, so you can find hundreds of cruise options every month. However, if you had to choose based on weather, cost, and crowds, winter would be your best bet. Early December is an ideal time to cruise the Caribbean as it's a fun way to create a break between Thanksgiving and the December holidays. Except for weeks that include holidays, ships aren't likely to be full or full of screaming children.

Winter rates are slightly below the annual average (excluding vacation weeks, which are usually the highest in the year). In addition, there are offers available that lower prices even more. Look especially at the last-minute options and the first two weeks of December. Ships that sail seasonally in Alaska and Europe often call Caribbean waters home for a few months in winter, adding up to more options during this time of year.

If there are specific cruise lines or ships you'd like to try, winter in the Caribbean is an ideal time to try them out, especially luxury and premium lines which tend to offer lower prices on Caribbean trips than on their cruises to other parts of the world. If you prefer to cruise without children during the holidays, you can choose an adult-only cruise line like Viking. The weather at home can be unpredictable during the winter, which can affect your departure travel plans and prevent you from getting to your Caribbean cruise. In addition, winter storms in the U.

S. UU. may increase wave action in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. The further north the port of departure is, the more likely you are to experience a difficult journey until your ship sails south to calmer waters. If you don't mind tourist crowds during spring break, spring is a wonderful time to go on a cruise.

The climate in the Caribbean in March, April and May is idyllic, and the seas are likely to be calm. Plus, escaping the last wrath of winter at home may be just what your doctor prescribed to save your sanity. However, spring break is peak season for travel disruptions caused by peak demand. If your goal is to avoid crowds of kids and party lovers, avoid cheaper and shorter cruises as well as cruises with water parks and exciting attractions. Keep in mind that spring break is also peak season for travel disruptions caused by peak demand. The weather isn't all bad in fall and Caribbean cruise prices are low during these months.

I've been on lovely Caribbean cruises in September and October with calm seas and quiet uncrowded ships all at a fraction of the price of cruises just a few weeks earlier in the year. If your goal is to save money and avoid spring and summer crowds then fall is perfect for you. November seems like a month of extra cruises as temperatures have dropped a few degrees due to summer heat and possibility of storms has mostly passed. Additional ships are starting to arrive for winter season and prices remain low for most of month. Now we're back to where we started: with your reservation for a Caribbean cruise that best suits you and your travel group. Every season has something to offer someone so it's never a bad time to sail this giant blue fish tank with billions of beaches to explore. If we all thought that early December was really the best time to cruise the Caribbean it would stop being so but for most part best time to cruise Caribbean is from January-April during dry season especially April when temperatures are warmer.

Worst time is September-October during peak months of Caribbean hurricane season. If you want to enjoy best weather to travel to Caribbean it's generally safe bet to travel between December-April although there are exceptions so make sure you plan ahead.

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