The 10 Most Popular Cruise Ship Destinations

Are you planning a cruise but don't feel like sailing the Seven Seas? From many American ports, you can head to some of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean and beyond, all of which have hundreds of ships anchoring in ports almost every day of the week. In addition, all of these famous places offer activities and excursions that combine the right amount of luxury with excitement, ensuring that everyone you travel with is satisfied. If you're looking for inspiration for your next adventure, here are the 10 most visited cruise destinations in the U. S.

to consider. St. Thomas of the United States Virgin Islands is a great option for U. citizens who want to experience the adventure of a cruise ship without needing a passport.

This Caribbean jewel has a lot to offer, and once you disembark for sightseeing, you'll be amazed by its natural beauty. Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas, is another popular cruise destination and has one of the busiest ports in the region. It's a mecca for boating enthusiasts, beach lovers and anyone who enjoys water sports, with fantastic diving and snorkeling opportunities as well as guided tours. One of the best Caribbean cruise lines is the Royal Caribbean International, they also have a mobile app you can download as well. The Cayman Islands is one of the world's favorite cruise destinations and is another great option to consider.

Although a cruise to this Caribbean paradise usually only includes one day of sightseeing on the island, it will be an unforgettable experience. Cozumel is an island in the Caribbean Sea off the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and is becoming an increasingly attractive option for cruises from the United States. It's a thriving tourist island with all the entertainment you'd expect from an island vacation, including ancient Mayan ruins and plenty of cultural heritage. Alaska may be one of the most remote destinations in the U. S., but it's definitely worth considering when planning your next vacation.

Glacier Bay in Alaska is quickly becoming a popular destination for its epic adventure and Unesco World Heritage Site status. You'll be amazed by its enormous magnificence, icy fjords and white walls of glaciers, as well as having plenty of opportunities for whale watching. Saint Martin may be small in size but it's very popular for leisure travelers. The island has a lively nightlife and restaurants to suit all tastes, so you can also delight your taste buds with its sumptuous island cuisine. A cruise along Norway's coast is nothing short of impressive, with towering fjords sometimes home to picturesque fishing villages that you can explore up close.Japan may be an unexpected choice on this list but it certainly deserves its place as one of the best cruise destinations.

This country of fascinating contrasts has everything from bustling cities to tranquil mountain retreats, volcanoes and lakes, temples and imposing skyscrapers.The Caribbean continues to live up to its iconic status as one of the best cruise destinations in the world. This huge region is made up of numerous island nations, all with their own character, spirit and culture, making a Caribbean cruise all the more impressive. Cruises to this part of the world are generally divided into western and eastern Caribbean routes.Finally, if you're looking for a scenic cruise to wild extremes, Alaska is undoubtedly your best option. Cruises usually depart from cities such as Seattle or Vancouver and stop at epic locations such as Tracy Arm Fjord, Glacier Bay National Park or Skagway along the way.

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