The Best Cruise Destinations Around the World

Are you looking for a scenic cruise to wild extremes? Or a cruise along the Norwegian coast? Or a cruise to the Caribbean? Whatever your preference, there are plenty of amazing cruise destinations around the world. From Alaska to Hawaii, here are some of the best places to go on a cruise. Alaska is undoubtedly one of the best cruise destinations for those seeking an adventure. Cruises to the “last frontier of the United States” usually depart from cities such as Seattle and Vancouver.

Along the way, ships will stop at epic locations such as the Tracy Arm Fjord, Glacier Bay National Park, the Inner Passage, Juneau and Skagway. This is also one of the best cruise destinations for wildlife viewing, ranging from bears and eagles to orcas and sea otters. A cruise along the Norwegian coast is nothing short of impressive. Walking in and out of towering fjords, which are sometimes home to picturesque fishing villages, you can see Norway's stunning natural beauty up close.

This is an epic cruise ship in all seasons of the year. Summer brings long days and wonderfully green landscapes, while winter is perfect for seeing the Northern Lights. Japan may be an interesting surprise on a list of the best cruise destinations, but it certainly deserves its place. In fact, it will be difficult to find a more varied cruise within a single country.

Japan, a country of fascinating contrasts, has the fascinating crowds of Tokyo, but also the tranquility of mountain retreats. There are volcanoes and lakes, a myriad of temples and imposing skyscrapers. Possibly the most iconic of all cruise destinations, the Caribbean continues to live up to its status. This huge region is made up of numerous island nations, all with their own character, spirit and culture, making a Caribbean cruise all the more impressive.

Cruises to the Caribbean are generally divided into the western and eastern Caribbean. The former focus on Mexico and the Central American coast, while the latter sail to places like the Virgin Islands. The Baltic Sea is a lesser-visited corner of Europe that is nothing short of impressive. Just because it's not as well-known as the Mediterranean doesn't mean it's any less worth a visit. Several beautiful historic cities dot the shores of the Baltic Sea, such as Stockholm, Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki.

A cruise on the Baltic Sea also usually includes a visit to St. Petersburg, Russia's capital of culture and arts. The Danube River is Europe's most emblematic river, crossing no less than ten different countries (most of the world's rivers) on its way from Germany's Black Forest to the Black Sea. Therefore, a cruise on the Danube River is one of the best cruises you can do. Finally, Hawaii is another classic tropical cruise destination that lives up to its status. This world-famous archipelago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is perfect for sun-seekers looking for a beach vacation.

Navigating through Hawaii includes everything from excursions to volcanoes and tasting local cuisine to experiencing Polynesian traditions and visiting Waikiki Beach.

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