Will Cruise Lines Require Vaccines in 2022?

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to subside, many travelers are looking forward to taking a cruise. After two years of banning cruise ships and warning of their health and safety risks due to the pandemic, the agency removed cruise ships from its warning list in late March. However, the protocols for cruising have changed significantly due to the pandemic. All Royal Caribbean guests over 12 years of age must provide proof of complete vaccination against COVID-19 and the final dose of the vaccine administered is at least 14 days old.

We do not collect vaccination cards or store proof of vaccination. Cruise lines that have vaccination requirements to sail will likely request proof upon boarding. Passengers who test positive when boarding and their traveling companions in the same cabin along with other close contacts will not be able to travel on a cruise ship and will be granted a cruise credit in the future. Face masks are optional on American Cruise Lines, but they are still mandatory on Pearl Seas Cruises in indoor public spaces, unless you're sitting and actively eating or drinking.

If you're planning to cruise around Europe and other parts of the world, your cruise company may also ask you to get a booster shot, depending on the government travel policies of the countries you're sailing to because of COVID-19. Guests under 12 years of age traveling from Athens should be tested for antigens at the pier and again at the end of the cruise. Cruise travel used to be as simple as packing a swimsuit and setting sail, but now travelers must take into account all of the new COVID-19 protocols before embarking on their perfect summer vacation. As such, many travelers are wondering if cruise lines will require vaccines in 2022. While it is too early to tell for certain, it is likely that cruise lines will require proof of vaccination for passengers over 12 years old in order to board a ship.

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